V1.10 - PDF Scribble Available

OverTheAir is an easy-to-use, simple solution to view a file in any WebDAV enabled server. It will give you access to any file stored on a WebDAV enabled server, like the Mobile Me iDisk or Dropbox.

It's free! For iPhone and iPad

OverTheAir - MicaRed Inc.

Navigate popular online file storages

Navigate popular online file storagesYou can open files in Mobile Me iDisk, Box.net, filesanyware, myDisk, SwissDisk, or other services that support WebDAV.

Supports a number of formats

Supports a number of formatsOverTheAir supports various formats including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), iWork documents, Audio, Video, Image, TXT, PDF and HTML.

Do presentations without a notebook PC

Do presentations without a notebook PCIn case you’re doing a presentation, OverTheAir will help to reduce your luggage. It lets you show PDF documents on external displays and projectors.

Let your fingertips do the work

Let your fingertips do the workUse your fingertips on the Pointer, Pinch-to-zoom, and Screen mute. Do your presentation with ease.

SSL for secure communication

SSL for secure communicationOverTheAir uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for WebDAV message protection. Your valuable information will not be easily hampered.

Feel additional security with the passcode

Feel additional security with the passcodeYou can set a 4-digit numerical passcode with your own OverTheAir application. Even if you lose your iPhone, your information is safe.