OverTheAir Tops 100,000 downloads in 1403 days.

OverTheAir exceeds 100000 downloads on March 20th, 2014.OverTheAir100000

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OverTheAir V1.9 Released

MicaRed had released OverTheAir Version 1.9 on December 16th.

The new version got below features;
– support iOS7
– import files from other apps
– upload files to any servers

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OverTheAir now supports iPhone 5

On October 30th, MicaRed released OverTheAir Version 1.8.2, which supports iPhone 5.

The version also icludes;

  • New “Copy URL” shortcut button.
  • Fixed incompatibility with otixo.

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MicaRed’s Cloud Storage Management app for iOS to be offered by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. as “IIJ DOX Client for iOS”

TOKYO, Japan — May 21st, 2012 – MicaRed Inc. announced
Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (NASDAQ: IIJI) will use the Cloud Storage Management software “OverTheAir” in its “IIJ DOX Client for iOS”.

With growth in mobile device usage, smartphone and tablet users are showing a greater need for accessible on-line storage service.

The “IIJ DOX (Document Exchange Service)” offered by IIJ Inc. will be an Online Storage Service equipped with anti-virus functions, allowing easy file exchanges and distribution within and among companies. Users of “IIJ DOX Client for iOS” will have access to stored files through iPhones,iPads, and other iOS devices.

Keisuke Taguchi, Manager in the IIJ Product Division explained the intention: “When choosing the iOS app, we emphasized it work well with the Online Storage Service DOX; and to maximize the business scene usage of smartphones and tablets. In this respect, ‘OverTheAir’ is equipped with an outstanding PDF viewer & allows easy Office document viewing. If you connect a projector with an iPhone or iPad operating with ‘IIJ DOX Clients for iOS’, you can do a presentation anytime & anywhere. If you want to take a photo at some construction site, you can do this with your iPhone and upload it right away.
Even large scale storage can be safe while capable of connection to a smartphone. We think it’s an app that will become an important business tool.”

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OverTheAir Ver 1.8 Released

MicaRed had released OverTheAir Version 1.8 on April 23rd.

The new version supports Folder Shortcuts. You can now add a shortcut to your frequently used folder.

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