Navigate files in online-file-storage
from iOS devices.

OverTheAir is a simple and easy-to-use solution to view files in WebDAV enabled server. Having access to files on your Dropbox, Mobile Me iDisk, Box.net, filesanywhere, myDisk, SwissDisk, My Docs Online or any other WebDAV enabled online-file-storage service. You can also consolidate multiple online-file-storage services into a single interface.

Supporting various formats.

OverTheAir supports a number of formats including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Apple iWork documents (Pages, Keynote, Numbers); Audio, Video, Image, TXT, PDF, HTML, and others. (*1)

*1) Some texts and image layouts may be incompatible.

Find files with ease.

OverTheAir makes it easy to find files. Sort by Name, Modified Date, or Kind.
Even if you forget the name of a file you edited yesterday, you won’t need to feel anxious.

Mark ‘favorite’ files.

Use the OverTheAir “Favorites”-function to keep track of your favorite files. Even when you’re offline, you’ll still have access to those files. 
OverTheAir also has a setting (originally at 25) of recently viewed files. (*2)

*2) The setting can be increased up to 50.

View your files everywhere.

In case you do not have Wi-Fi connection, use EDGE or 3G network to access your files. You can access files in ‘Favorites’ or ‘History’ even when you are offline. OverTheAir syncs your favorite files with the versions on the server to make sure you have in your device the latest versions.

An outstanding PDF viewer.

Enjoy OverTheAir’s brand-new PDF viewer. 
Doing page-to-page navigation within a large document or a catalog? The Index Thumbnails make it easy. You can jump pages to the one you want to read. Use the intuitive Multi-touch gesture, Flick to move forward or backward, or Pinch-to-zoom to shrink or expand. OverTheAir also keeps track of the last viewed page. It’s perfect to let you resume reading from the place you earlier left off.

PDF screen presentation.

Do presentations with projectors or external displays, showing PDFfiles from your online storages. Just connect an Apple VGA Adapter or Apple Digital AV Adapter to your iOS device(*3), and to an external display or projector. 
Use the Pointer, Pinch-to-zoom, and Screen-mute to do a dynamic presentation. 
You can also keep track of the current time, and/or the elapsed time by having them displayed. 
Use iPhone or iPod Touch, OverTheAir to “Cover Interface” to hide controls, and to let you keep your attention on your audience.

*3) To use the PDF screen presentation, iPhone4, iPad, iPad2 or iPod Touch (4th Generation or later) is required. iOS4.0 or a later version is also required.

Print wirelessly.

All you need is an AirPrint compatible printer.(*4)
There’s no need to download software, no drivers to install, or any cables to 
connect. Just tap your iPhone a few times, and you’ll be viewing a sheet of paper showing what was on the iPhone screen. With the printing take place in the background, there won’t be any waiting.

*4) To use AirPrint, iPhone4, iPad, iPad2 or iPod Touch(3rd generation or later) is required. iOS4.2 or a later version is also required.

Audio & video playback support AirPlay.

You can wirelessly stream your movie or audio to Apple TV using AirPlay. Or stream audio to your home speakers with AirPort Express.
Enjoy watching your movie on your big-screen TV or your audio on your favorite audio set. (※5)

*5) To use AirPlay, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 or iPod Touch(2nd Generation or later)is required. iOS 4.3 or later version is required. DRM files are not supported.

Open files in other apps.

Even if OverTheAir doesn’t support your file, don’t worry. You can send the file to another application and it won’t be damaged in the process. Do you want to pass some other file to a friend? Just send it as an attachment.

Upload pictures.

OverTheAir lets you upload photos in your servers. This can be from a camera or even from a Photo Album.
When you upload a photo, you can even reduce a file size to allow a faster upload.

Feel confident about security.

OverTheAir uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) for WebDAV message protection. 
It also uses its own 4-digit passcode-lock. Even if you lose your device, your valuable information will remain protected. (*6)

※6) MicaRed Inc. does not guarantee the prevention of information leakage. The user remains in charge of the information, together with protection and supervision regarding all devices.

It's free! For iPhone and iPad

OverTheAir - MicaRed Inc.

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